Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea

Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea
$1.41 - 2.32 /oz $11.59
$1.41 - 2.32 /oz $11.59
Steeping Instructions
Temperature 180°F
Volume 1.5 tsp
Time 2-3 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.
Origin: China
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Product Description

Originally the tea of Emperors, white teas are increasing in popularity due to a reputation for quality and unique flavor. Few white teas are as unique as this selection of Organic Bai Mu Dan (also known as Pai Mu Tan and White Peony). This is an eye-catching tea made up of full, whole leaves ranging in color from green to russet to silver. Bai Mu Dan White tea tastes crisp and very much alive; smooth and earthy, with a hint of nut.

This tea is great for someone who has never tried white tea before, but will also provide a flavorful surprise for those already in love with the delicate taste of white tea.

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in individual tea bags.

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Product Reviews (9)

Overall rating
The whole leaves and stems are Back!
By Donald B - 7/17/2019
“I love this tea.
I put the infuser half or more full of tea leaves and stems. Use filtered or distilled water in a whistling teakettle that my wife bought for me at BB&B. Throw in some ice cubes in the boiling water since it shouldn't be above 180F. Pour the hot water over the leaves and set the timer at three mins. Use a salad fork to press down the leaves and stems to mix the water with the leaves. Fill a big mug full of ice and drain the tea over the ice.

Heavenly. Donald B”
real tea for the peaceful time
By irina - 12/19/2017
“the taste is very mild and refreshing. One of my favorite tea. The custom service is also very good. I contacted about my order's problem and the problem was solved very quick.”
organic bai mu dan -good and cheap
By LU - 8/3/2017
“As I've come to expect from Tattle Tea, the 2# package arrive intact and quickly. It was filled with largely intact tea leaves (and a few more stems than I am accustomed to) but is, all and all, an excellent price for a good tea.”