CO2 Decaf Raspberry Flavored Black Tea

CO2 Decaf Raspberry Flavored Black Tea
$0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
$0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
Steeping Instructions
Temperature boiling
Volume 1-2 tsp
Time 3-5 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.
Origin: China
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Ingredients:  Black tea, strawberry, natural and artificial flavor

Product Description

Our tart and tangy raspberry flavor makes this decaffeinated black tea sing. Blended with strawberry pieces for an extra blast of sweet berry goodness, this tea is excellent hot or iced!

To make our CO2 Decaf Raspberry Flavored Black Tea, we start with a decaf version of our regular flavor tea. Our Orange Pekoe black tea is decaffeinated specifically for Tattle Tea using the CO2 process. Developed in Germany as an alternative to the use of ethyl acetate process, CO2 decaffeination allows the teas to retain more of the unique flavors of premium caffeinated teas. By using a specially decaffeinated version of our regular flavor tea, we hope to keep a consistent flavor profile between the regular and decaf version of our hand-blended teas.

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in tea bags. Our decaf teas contain fine pieces and some tea accessories may not be appropriate. Tattle Tea recommends using tea filters for this variety of tea.

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Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
very so so
By Freedg - 9/2/2018
“I bought this in May 2018 and it is inferior to the same tea I bought a year earlier”
Love it!
By Tea for Two - 6/5/2018
“I agree with the other reviewers that this tea seems a little weaker than what I remembered, however, it is still wonderful! Please keep it available, maybe just make it a little stronger? The aroma is heavenly!”
Is it really tea?!
By ladc2 - 4/23/2018
“I was SO disappointed with this tea. I knew before I even brewed a pot that it wasn't going to be good--the tea leaves are an ugly greenish brown, not black! It really tasted awful. I even tried to doctor it up a bit by mixing it, half/half/ with a plain black tea that I knew was good, but ended up dumping it all in the garbage.”