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  1. Ginger Plum Flavored Oolong Tea
    $1.30 - 2.52 /oz $12.60
    A little taste of ginger makes anything better. Sweet, tasty plum flavor gets a much needed kick from ginger. The sweet and spicy blend is the perfect addition to our Sechung oolong tea. This maintains a full body but still feels light and lively on your … read more
  2. Passion Punch Flavored Oolong Tea
    $1.30 - 2.52 /oz $12.60
    Enjoy an evening of tropical paradise with this fine flavored oolong tea. This passion fruit flavored tea packs a real punch! It features real fruit pieces in the blend and also makes a fine iced tea for warm weather sipping. Sweetener is … read more
  3. Sechung Oolong Tea
    $1.09 - 2.12 /oz $10.60
    This semi-fermented tea has large curled leaves that are greenish-black in color and produce a lively infusion with a very pleasing taste. As it is only partially oxidized (fermented), Sechung Oolong tea’s body and taste falls between a green tea and a … read more

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