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  1. Ground Chicory
    $4.95 - 9.75 /lb $9.75
    Chicory comes from the dried and roasted root of the Chicory Flower (Cichorium intybus). Throughout history, Chicory has been used as a substitute for coffee in times when coffee was in short supply, and very expensive. Caffeine free with a more … read more
  2. Lavender
    $0.60 - 1.16 /oz $5.80
    Lavender is one of the most recognizable fragrances there is, best known for being calming and relaxing. It is used worldwide in many ways ranging from soap to beverages. When brewed as an herbal tea, lavender has a slightly sweet, floral taste. In the … read more
  3. Lemongrass C/S
    $0.54 - 1.05 /oz $5.25
    The subtle citrus flavor of lemongrass has made it popular in cuisine worldwide, especially in Thailand and Indonesia. Whether you want to give your tea more of an international flavor or simply want a subtle bit of lemon this is a must-have ingredient. … read more
  4. Love Struck Rooibos Herbal Tea
    $0.67 - 1.31 /oz $6.55
    Fall in love with teatime all over again. Our decadent Love Struck Rooibos herbal tea combines sweet rooibos tea with tangy lemon and orange pieces, tart hibiscus, and spicy ginger. No artificial flavoring is required to make this tea as sweet as the … read more
  5. Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea Blend
    $0.79 - 1.54 /oz $7.70
    Famous world-wide for its refreshing flavor, Moroccan Mint is a balanced blend of green tea and mint. Our version mixes Pinhead Gunpowder green tea with some of the highest-grade herbal peppermint leaves available. Served hot, this tea is smooth yet bold … read more
  6. Organic Hibiscus C/S USDA Organic
    $0.67 - 1.30 /oz $6.50
    Organic Hibiscus tea is enjoyed worldwide. Its infusion has a beautifully distinct aroma, flavor and color. Sweet yet tart, your lips will pucker while your mouth tries to smile. Our Organic hibiscus is real Organic hibiscus flowers cut and sifted, … read more
  7. Organic Honeybush Herbal Tea USDA Organic
    $0.97 - 1.89 /oz $9.45
    This herbal red tea from South Africa is naturally sweet and mellow, like a mild honey. Similar to Rooibos, Organic Honeybush herbal tea makes for a tasteful, refreshing cup whether hot or iced and is naturally caffeine free. This tea is sold loose … read more
  8. Organic Rooibos Herbal Tea USDA Organic
    $0.87 - 1.66 /oz $8.30
    Rooibos (the word is Afrikaans for “red bush”) is only grown in a small area in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape province of South Africa. It contains no caffeine and brews up a sweet, dark red infusion. Some say it has a slightly nutty … read more
  9. Peppermint Herbal Tea
    $0.77 - 1.49 /oz $7.45
    One of the oldest known herbal teas, peppermint leaves are brisk, refreshing and can be brewed either hot or cold. Originally from the Mediterranean, peppermint is naturally caffeine free with a cooling menthol flavor. Try blending some of this … read more
  10. Rose Petals
    $0.85 - 1.64 /oz $8.20
    Rose petals have been added to teas for years. They complement all teas from green to black and even herbal teas like rooibos and peppermint. Rose petals can even be steeped on their own, producing an herbal elixir with a sweet floral taste and a … read more

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