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  1. English Breakfast Black Tea Blend
    $0.73 - 1.43 /oz $7.15
    English Breakfast is a traditional blend of Chinese Keemun and other black teas. It gets its "breakfast" namesake from its strong, heavy flavor and dark colored brew that stands up well to milk and sugar. This is a staple for anyone looking for a … read more
  2. Iced Tea Black Tea Blend
    $0.78 - 1.52 /oz $7.60
    This blend of fine black teas was delicately crafted with fresh, homemade iced tea in mind. The strong flavor of this tea will not get too "watery" when you add ice; it's perfectly suited for sugar and lemon or as the base for flavored iced tea recipes. … read more
  3. Irish Breakfast Black Tea Blend
    $0.84 - 1.64 /oz $8.20
    Irish Breakfast is a traditional blend of Assam and Ceylon teas. The result is a strong, bold tea that stands up very well to milk and sugar. This hearty tea yields a full flavor and is perfect for coffee lovers who want to try tea. If you’re searching … read more
  4. Love Struck Rooibos Herbal Tea
    $0.67 - 1.31 /oz $6.55
    Fall in love with teatime all over again. Our decadent Love Struck Rooibos herbal tea combines sweet rooibos tea with tangy lemon and orange pieces, tart hibiscus, and spicy ginger. No artificial flavoring is required to make this tea as sweet as the … read more
  5. Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea Blend
    $0.79 - 1.54 /oz $7.70
    Famous world-wide for its refreshing flavor, Moroccan Mint is a balanced blend of green tea and mint. Our version mixes Pinhead Gunpowder green tea with some of the highest-grade herbal peppermint leaves available. Served hot, this tea is smooth yet bold … read more
  6. Organic English Breakfast Black Tea Blend USDA Organic
    $1.07 - 2.07 /oz $10.35
    English Breakfast is about as traditional as tea blends get, and when something isn’t broken, it’s best to not try fixing it. There is one thing we have improved upon though: this particular blend uses only certified Organic Indian, Chinese, and … read more
  7. Teaze Infuser
    Volume: 20 oz From the manufacturer: A better way to experience loose leaf teas. Tease your senses by watching the leaves unfurl and bloom, releasing their flavor and delicious goodness straight to your cup. The TEAZE INFUSER's patented innovation … read more

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