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  1. Christmas Vacation II Flavored Green Tea
    $0.81 - 1.57 /oz $7.85
    Give yourself a good, old-fashioned Christmas vacation, but do it with a twist! Our totally revamped Christmas Vacation II tea blend recipe will give your palate a tour of the best flavors of the tropics. This robust blend is founded on our Sencha and … read more
  2. Mexican Hot Chocolate Chai Flavored Rooibos Herbal Tea
    $1.32 - 2.55 /oz $12.75
    In case you didn’t know, chocolate pairs perfectly with chili, and in Mexico, they make the hot chocolate doubly so. We’ve expanded on the idea with our Mexican Hot Chocolate Chai Rooibos herbal tea, a combination of scrumptious chocolate flavor, … read more
  3. Old World Chocolate Chai Flavored Black Tea
    $0.68 - 1.33 /oz $6.65
    Let’s face it: the holidays can be stressful. Whether the cause is hosting the extended family or simply overcoming the holiday traffic on your commute, you deserve a little something to help you unwind – or to get that second wind. With such … read more
  4. Peppermint Bark Flavored Black Tea
    $0.68 - 1.33 /oz $6.65
    This year we wanted to give our tea lovers an extra-special holiday treat. Introducing Peppermint Bark black tea, a scrumptious brew that lives up to the glory of its confectionery cousin. Combining the flavors of crushed candy canes and dark chocolate, … read more
  5. Pumpkin Spice Chai Flavored Tea Blend
    $1.32 - 2.55 /oz $12.75
    Nothing warms up that first chill in the air like a big mug of our Pumpkin Spice Chai flavored tea blend. This tea features the flavors of sweet pumpkin, creamy caramel and toasty chai spices. The blend of black, green and herbal teas adds a soft, … read more

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