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  1. Ginger Peach Flavored White Tea
    $1.33 - 2.57 /oz $12.85
    Pungent, spicy ginger and sweet, slightly tart peach are not a new combination in the tea world. We are happy to offer this tried and true favorite on our lush Peony White tea. This fine loose leaf white tea is blended with peach flavoring and real … read more
  2. Lady Earl White Tea
    $1.58 - 3.06 /oz $15.30
    Tattle Tea is excited to present this flavored white tea. The mighty Earl Grey Tea gets a gracious, feminine twist in this hand-crafted blend. Lady Earl White Tea features real Bergamot Oil on lush Peony White Tea with real lavender and pink rose petals. … read more
  3. Teaze Infuser
    Volume: 20 oz From the manufacturer: A better way to experience loose leaf teas. Tease your senses by watching the leaves unfurl and bloom, releasing their flavor and delicious goodness straight to your cup. The TEAZE INFUSER's patented innovation … read more

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