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  1. CO2 Decaf Orange and Spice Flavored Black Tea
    $0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
    We blended our decaffeinated black tea, bits of real orange, cinnamon and cloves to create this distinct blend. Brewed hot or iced, the spicy orange flavor will enchant your senses. To make our CO2 Decaf Orange and Spice Flavored Black Tea, we start … read more
  2. CO2 Decaf Peach Flavored Black Tea
    $0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
    It has been said that peaches are the oldest cultivated fruit, originating in China around 1000 BCE. This fine decaffeinated black tea is lightly flavored with peach and blended with pieces of apple. A warm-weather favorite when iced, our peach tea is … read more
  3. CO2 Decaf Raspberry Flavored Black Tea
    $0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
    Our tart and tangy raspberry flavor makes this decaffeinated black tea sing. Blended with strawberry pieces for an extra blast of sweet berry goodness, this tea is excellent hot or iced! To make our CO2 Decaf Raspberry Flavored Black Tea, we start with … read more
  4. CO2 Decaf Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea
    $0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
    This tea is easily one of our most popular offerings. Blended with a multitude of spices – including anise, cinnamon, and cloves – this spiced chai will satisfy even the most ardent tea lover. To make our CO2 Decaf Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea, we … read more
  5. Darjeeling Black Tea
    $0.92 - 1.79 /oz $8.95
    This popular black tea originates from the celebrated Darjeeling region at the base of the Himalayas in India. It is highly regarded for its light, unique flavor and gold colored liquor. We are currently offering an FTGFOP (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery … read more
  6. Earl Grey Black Tea
    $1.00 - 1.95 /oz $9.75
    This popular flavored tea blend has its roots in 1830s Great Britain. As the legend goes, the British Prime Minister Earl Grey II had rescued the young son of a Chinese Mandarin from drowning (or the son of an Indian Rajah from a tiger, depending on … read more
  7. Earl Grey Zephyr Flavored Black Tea
    $1.11 - 2.15 /oz $10.75
    We created this breezy brew to remind you of fresh aroma of spring. This zesty tea combines real bergamot oil, lavender, and an extra orange kick on our full-bodied black tea. If you’re antsy for the warm weather, this tea will carry you into the best … read more
  8. English Breakfast Black Tea Blend
    $0.73 - 1.43 /oz $7.15
    English Breakfast is a traditional blend of Chinese Keemun and other black teas. It gets its "breakfast" namesake from its strong, heavy flavor and dark colored brew that stands up well to milk and sugar. This is a staple for anyone looking for a … read more
  9. French Toast Chai Flavored Black Tea
    $0.57 - 1.72 /oz $8.60
    It is hard to go wrong with a French toast flavored black tea blended with chai spices. Maple syrup and French toast flavors are truly enhanced by our signature blend of cinnamon, ginger, coriander and other spices. This tea is a perfect companion to … read more
  10. Ginger Peach Flavored White Tea
    $1.33 - 2.57 /oz $12.85
    Pungent, spicy ginger and sweet, slightly tart peach are not a new combination in the tea world. This is a tried and true favorite and we are very happy to offer it on our lush Peony White tea. Lightly flavored with peach, and blended with real ginger … read more

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