Organic CO2 Decaf Green Earl Grey Tea

Organic CO2 Decaf Green Earl Grey Tea
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Not Green Tea.
By Teresa - 10/30/2018
“I know the taste of a good green tea and this taste nothing like green tea to me. The tea leaves are dark brown with a few green leaves scattered throughout. It tastes like black tea to me. I am not a fan of black tea.”
By MJB - 3/21/2018
“PLEASE bring this back to stock- BEST Earl Grey Green I have ever tasted- better than the non-decaf version sold by Tattle Tea. Bold, very nice bergamot flavor. My current favorite. ”
Green Tea
By Don - 12/11/2014
“Though I had good tea before this. This tea is amazing, like the tea my Grandma
had 50 years ago, when tea was tea. Now its greed and money, forget the quality.
One of my friends told me I was crazy to pay $35.00 a lb. for tea. I told him to go to
the store and pay $3.50 for an ounce of tea bags. He changed his mind. He wanted
to try some of my high priced tea, I told him $4.00 an ounce. Then I gave him your
Email address. Remember this is real tea, you can use less per cup. Thank You very
much. ”