Vanilla Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea

Vanilla Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea
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5-stars if it was decaf!
By Pamela - 12/30/2017
“OMGosh! I sure with this was decaf, because it is HEAVEN!! Well, I must qualify this statement with, it's Heaven when I add Pumpkin Spice International Delight creamer to it (NO SUGAR NEEDED—sweet enough with that stuff!). It's better than the stuff I get at Starbucks! I'm supposed to stay away from caffeine, so I have to limit my intake on this one! DE-LISH!!!”
Warm and Fuzzy
By John - 12/22/2016
“This is a wonderful tea to sip while sitting by the fire on a cold winter night. It is my favorite tea anytime actually but there is something about this tea around Christmas that shines.”
Great for mixing
By Brynn - 12/8/2016
“This is another great Chai tea, though I don't get as much vanilla flavor as I expected, so I will occasionally mix in the spiced chai with this one, and together they make the perfect combination! ”
Excellent Tea
By Charles A. - 4/7/2016
“This is truly a very great tea. It is set apart from all the teas that I have tried. Family and friends really make wonderful comments when I serve this. I have no doubt you will really enjoy this tea.”