Hook Handle Tea Infuser and Dish Set

Hook Handle Tea Infuser and Dish Set

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By Deborah - 7/26/2018
“My stepmom loved this gift and a selection of tea for Mother’s Day. I saw a picture of the set and it was very beautiful. Thanks guys for making gift giving easy. My daughter-in-law is up next. I am picking out the teas early and will buy in October for a Xmas gift. Nice but fairly priced and not expensive. I love this company!!!”
By Bethany - 5/22/2018
“Love this.”
Makes all the difference!
By Pamela - 8/13/2017
“I tried drinking loose-leaf specialty tea years ago with an infuser ball. I ended up with so much loose tea in my mug, that I stopped buying it. I decided to try this infuser, and I am so glad I did. There are tons of holes, but they are so tiny that barely any leaves escape at all.

I do wish the handle was longer, though, because I use wide mugs and it's awkward balancing it so that it doesn't dive into the water. Or a handle on the opposite side as well would be even better!”