Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea

Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea
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The whole leaves and stems are Back!
By Donald B - 7/17/2019
“I love this tea.
I put the infuser half or more full of tea leaves and stems. Use filtered or distilled water in a whistling teakettle that my wife bought for me at BB&B. Throw in some ice cubes in the boiling water since it shouldn't be above 180F. Pour the hot water over the leaves and set the timer at three mins. Use a salad fork to press down the leaves and stems to mix the water with the leaves. Fill a big mug full of ice and drain the tea over the ice.

Heavenly. Donald B”
real tea for the peaceful time
By irina - 12/19/2017
“the taste is very mild and refreshing. One of my favorite tea. The custom service is also very good. I contacted about my order's problem and the problem was solved very quick.”
organic bai mu dan -good and cheap
By LU - 8/3/2017
“As I've come to expect from Tattle Tea, the 2# package arrive intact and quickly. It was filled with largely intact tea leaves (and a few more stems than I am accustomed to) but is, all and all, an excellent price for a good tea.”
By Cynthia - 7/30/2017
“Delicious white tea!!”
Better than Peony White
By Donald B - 7/27/2017
“I reordered this brand. Warning: the two pond sack is the size of a small briefcase.
I make iced tea with the infuser and a cup full of ice. Whatever works. db”
Smooth and mellow flavor.
By matwro - 6/14/2017
“A great tea. This is my summer go to for iced tea. Refreshing and not bitter. One of my favorites!”
The Best!
By Debra - 2/15/2017
“My daughter brought this along when she visited; I made her leave what we didn't steep! I hope my order arrives before the rest is gone.”
My first white tea
By Donald B - 8/31/2016
“My wife and I always like something new and I thought it was time to order white tea. I chose this variety because it was organic. The best thing I can say it was light. It is going to be a staple once it comes back into stock ”
Awesome Tea
By Eric - 9/3/2015
“This tea has an awesome taste, mildly sweet with a hint of earthy. Just a hint of earthy; that is from steeping it for 6 hours until I have finished drinking my mug. One of the best teas I have every consumed.”