Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea Blend

Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea Blend
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Mint to be together
By billie - 7/30/2018
“I am in love with the Moroccan mint!! I love the light minty taste of this herbal tea. I find I can’t wait to get home to have my glass of iced Moroccan mint. It will definitely be a constant in my orders from CBD from now on. I’m so happy to be a part of the CBD family. ”
Over ice
By PAMELA - 1/14/2018
“The best iced tea..just the right hint of mint!”
Subtle, comforting
By Debra - 3/13/2017
“This is my end-of-a-rough-day decadence. It's not too minty and great quality. Just don't oversteep.”
Great hot or cold
By Andy Brott - 9/18/2016
“I brew at 165 for 3 min in french press with RO water.
Compares to Starbucks Iced Green Tea
By Joey - 9/2/2016
“If you like Starbucks Iced Green Tea (like I do) then you'll love this. It's very comparable. The mint flavor isn't intense but prevalent enough to give a distinct flavor. As is the case with most mint teas, I highly recommend that you store this away from other foods because mint is extremely permeable and will taint other foods with a slight hint of mint; for better or worse.”
Mint Tea
By Don - 12/11/2014
“When I order this tea I thought it would be like really minty. I was wrong. When you taste it
there is a slight taste of mint, then after you have swallowed it there is a taste of mint left
in your mouth. I think this would be very good iced. Very good tea. Would be good for
a gift. ”