Orange and Spice Flavored Black Tea

Orange and Spice Flavored Black Tea
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Only the BEST!!!
By Bugsy - 12/20/2017
“This is, in my experience, and after a lot of searching, the BEST orange and spice flavored tea anywhere!!! I might like a little more orange, but that's just me personally. My wife and I go through about a gallon a week. We're retired, although my wife has a part-time job working from home, so we drink a lot of tea, less soda that way.
By Douglas - 9/5/2017
“Fragrance reminds me a little of Bigelow's Constant Comment. Makes a good Ice Tea if you like that sort of flavor. ”
Best Iced tea!!!!!
By Bugsy - 1/25/2017
“We have tried Orange and Spice teas from many different providers, and this one is, hands down, the best in the marketplace!!!!!”
Black tea-orange and spice
By Bugsy - 6/27/2015
“This is our favorite tea for ice tea, and it's good for hot too. It is consistently the best . We have looked all over, and no one else can match the blend of flavors like CBD.”