Indigo Mango Flavored Black Tea

Indigo Mango Flavored Black Tea
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Iced mango tea
By James - 4/11/2018
“Awesome flavor with this tea as iced tea mixed with a little lemonade. Very refreshing ”
Good Fruity Tea
By Brynn - 12/8/2016
“This mango tea is what brought me to Tattle Tea in the first place. I was tired of overpaying for Teavana's prices, but was addicted to their Mango black tea. After trying this, I realized I could pay less for a tea that's nearly just as good! I think it could have more natural flavoring, because something about the artificial flavoring tastes a bit different, but it's still a great tea that I enjoy and would recommend for 'fruity' tea drinkers. I also feel like the amount of caffeine is perfect, and I don't require a 2nd cup, which is nice!”