Irish Breakfast Black Tea Blend

Irish Breakfast Black Tea Blend
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One of my favorites
By Rebecca - 9/18/2017
“I drink this by the pot-full in the mornings. It stands up well to milk, and I think I prefer it to a straight-up Assam tea.”
Irish Breakfast Black Tea Blend
By Helen - 6/11/2017
“My husband is the tea drinker, and has tried the samplers, and this is the tea he likes best!”
A great cupa
By William - 5/27/2017
“After a recent trip to Ireland my wife was really missing the tea. I tried your product and the wife is now able to enjoy a great cup of tea again.”
Not Allowed to Not Keep in Stock
By Debra - 3/13/2017
“My Irish in-laws are in love with this stuff. After showing them how to upgrade the experience from who-knows-what bagged tea to a properly brewed cup of this, I'm required to keep this in stock.”