Iced Tea Black Tea Blend

Iced Tea Black Tea Blend
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Superb blend
By wpw - 9/27/2018
“Excellent blend for making 'un-sweet' tea - comes out just fine.”
Full bodied flavor
By Cathy - 7/8/2018
“My husband and I love this tea. It really is great for iced tea. He likes it a little stronger but I find that it has a full bodied flavor even the way I like it which is a little weaker so I just add a little more water to my glass. Please, never discontinue this tea blend!”
Such a difference!!
By Ronald - 3/26/2018
“This is a perfect example of why grocery store bought teas are just not worth the money! Whole tea leaves!! They make such a difference in the final result! We have been using a "name" brand tea for our unflavored iced tea, and had been ok with that. Then I ordered a pound of this blend just to see how it was. No more of the "store-bought" tea!!”
The best ice tea leaves you can buy
By Larry - 1/1/2018
“This has actual tea leaves and makes a very good ice tea and can be made as strong as you like. Not that "loose tea" you find at the box stores which is now only dust must thing they put in "tea bags"”
Best iced tea blend ever!
By Debra - 8/17/2017
“This tea totally rocks! It produces a clear, lovely, dark-colored tea with a solid tea taste. No cloudiness or unpleasant aftertaste. If you're looking for a traditional tea taste with no fruity overtones but just a great solid tea perfect for your iced te needs, look no further than this one.”