Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea
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The best flavored tea I have tasted.
By Donald - 7/16/2019
“I ordered this tea and had in my mind foppish britishers snorting tea whilst telling one and all about their latest Indian safari. I was wrong. The Earl Grey grows on you it took me a couple of pots to get used to the aroma. I like other teas but my daughter home for the summer said,"Buy another Dad." So here I am. db”
Hebron Hills
By Dawn - 6/28/2017
“My husband and I enjoy this tea very much in the early morning sitting on the porch.”
Actual Earl Grey.....
By GP - 6/9/2017
“Finally! Actual real Earl Grey tea you can taste. Most other EG's I've tried, including brand names, taste weakly of bergamot or perhaps the tea leaves looked at a bergamot on the way through packaging. Not so here......this one smacks you in the face (in a good way) when you open the bag. My wife was across the kitchen and immediately noticed the scent.

The tea smells and tastes incredible. Must have if you like Earl Grey.”
Genuine Earl Grey
By Ken - 1/21/2017
“The correct mix of bergamot oil and fine tea makes this a rich and hearty breakfast or lunch tea. The best Earl Grey I've tasted so far.”
Very nice, drinkable tea
By Rebecca - 6/28/2014
“This is great tea if you like to taste the tea along with the bergamont oil. It has, to my taste, just the right amount of flavoring, not too overwhelming, but definitely there. ”