CO2 Decaf Raspberry Flavored Black Tea

CO2 Decaf Raspberry Flavored Black Tea
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very so so
By Freedg - 9/2/2018
“I bought this in May 2018 and it is inferior to the same tea I bought a year earlier”
Love it!
By Tea for Two - 6/5/2018
“I agree with the other reviewers that this tea seems a little weaker than what I remembered, however, it is still wonderful! Please keep it available, maybe just make it a little stronger? The aroma is heavenly!”
Is it really tea?!
By ladc2 - 4/23/2018
“I was SO disappointed with this tea. I knew before I even brewed a pot that it wasn't going to be good--the tea leaves are an ugly greenish brown, not black! It really tasted awful. I even tried to doctor it up a bit by mixing it, half/half/ with a plain black tea that I knew was good, but ended up dumping it all in the garbage.”
Great flavor, quality degraded
By Brent - 2/7/2018
“I have purchased this tea before to make iced tea. Previously I could use 3 heaping scoops for a pot ( I like my tea strong) and pour over ice and now it requires 5 scoops. Flavor is great but the requirement for more scoops makes me question the value for my money.”