CO2 Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea

CO2 Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea
$0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25

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Great Flavor!
By Brent - 2/13/2018
“I use this tea to make iced tea. It’s got a fantastic flavor and holds up poured over ice.”
Consistently Good
By TJ - 12/26/2017
“And reasonably priced.”
Decaf Earl Decaf
By Hobey - 6/17/2017
“I have been brewing this product for several years. The cost is reasonable and Coffee Bean Direct has been outstanding with the product delivery”
Best tea I've had - including non-decaf
By Roger Hofer - 3/29/2017
“I have consumed about 10 pounds of this tea, and I just cannot get enough! It tastes amazing, a perfect blend of black and earl grey. With my latest 5-pound purchase, I noted that the grind size went way up, as shown in the picture, yielding an even more refined flavor (at the minor expense of slightly longer brew times). Nothing that I have tried compares to this tea, and the fact it is decaf yet has a perfect taste is even more amazing!”
Earl Gray Tea
By Don - 12/11/2014
“My favorite tea, had some before this, I thought it was good tea, has no comparison to this
tea. I like it because it is decaf, drink it at nite when I am surfing the Net for good deals.
This is a good deal. Oh my cup is empty have to go. You will not believe the smell of
this most excellent tea. ”