Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon Black Tea
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Great tea, great price
By Rebecca - 9/18/2017
“If you like the classic Indian black teas, like Darjeeling and Assam, I think you'll like this one as much. To my taste, it's as good as Darjeeling, and it's more modestly priced. I like it in the morning, plain or with milk.”
Good Tea for Anytime
By Joseph R - 12/21/2015
“This tea works well in the morning or in the afternoon. It's just fine plain, but I usually add some honey or sugar to it. It lacks that signature cedar note I look for in a Ceylon, but it's still quite tasty.”
As an aside
By Donald B - 12/13/2014
“I find this tea has a richer flavor than the black assam tea. db”
some of the best
By Richard - 10/23/2014
“I like it strong and let it sit sometimes for a day or two. It's better if made in large quantities (hence the long "steeping" time.) I lived in India for a long time and learned tricks from the tea wallas. One was to "flavor" the tea with a dash of darjeeling. Never use bags, balls or strainers. Let the leaves sit in the cup then tell your own fortune. ”
I love this tea
By Donald B - 3/14/2014
“Either hot or iced.

It is important not to let the infuser rest in the tea pot or add water and recook the leaves. Let the leaves steep for five minutes.