Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea Blend

Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea Blend
$0.79 - 1.54 /oz $7.70
$0.79 - 1.54 /oz $7.70
Steeping Instructions
Temperature 160 °F
Volume 1 tsp
Time 2-3 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.
Ingredients:  Pinhead Gunpowder green tea, herbal peppermint

Product Description

Springtime in New Jersey brings us that weird transitional weather: cold and rainy one day, then we are teased with warmth and sun the next, only to be followed by more dreary weather. It can be frustrating trying to plan your week, especially your outfit: t-shirt or sweat shirt, fancy new shoes or good ol’ mud boots? Now is the perfect time for Tattle Tea to introduce a tea that is perfect on both cold and warm days.

Morocco, located in North Africa, is a country familiar with climate extremes. Its diverse geography includes coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, two mountain regions—the Atlas and the Riff Mountains—and a portion of the largest desert in the world: the Sahara. It is not surprising that the people of Morocco would create a tea perfect for any climate.

Famous world-wide for being the most refreshing tea ever invented, Morrocan Mint is a perfect blend of green tea and mint. Our version mixes quality Pinhead Gunpowder green tea with some of the highest grade herbal peppermint leaves. Often served with meals, this tea is amazing hot. When served iced, however, Moroccan Mint really comes alive. Light and crisp, this tea cools you from the core. Close your eyes before that first sip and take in the fresh aroma of mint and Pinhead Gunpowder green tea before you begin to drink. With your eyes still closed, don’t sip but take a big thirsty gulp of iced Moroccan Mint. Feel it travel down your throat, a wave of cold deliciousness traveling all the way to your stomach and changing your body’s climate as it descends. You will officially be prepared for the heat that the approaching summer months will bring.

This versatile tea can be enjoyed throughout the day and is great both sweetened and unsweetened. It is truly the perfect tea for all occasions: trekking the dry, arid Sahara Desert, climbing the cooler Atlas Mountains where the Barbary lions once ruled, sunning yourself along the Mediterranean, or surfing the internet at your house in New Jersey waiting for the nice weather so you can go play outside.

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in individual tea bags.

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Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Subtle, comforting
By Debra - 3/13/2017
“This is my end-of-a-rough-day decadence. It's not too minty and great quality. Just don't oversteep.”
Great hot or cold
By Andy Brott - 9/18/2016
“I brew at 165 for 3 min in french press with RO water.
Compares to Starbucks Iced Green Tea
By Joey - 9/2/2016
“If you like Starbucks Iced Green Tea (like I do) then you'll love this. It's very comparable. The mint flavor isn't intense but prevalent enough to give a distinct flavor. As is the case with most mint teas, I highly recommend that you store this away from other foods because mint is extremely permeable and will taint other foods with a slight hint of mint; for better or worse.”