Love Struck Rooibos Herbal Tea

Love Struck Rooibos Herbal Tea
$0.67 - 1.31 /oz $6.55
$0.67 - 1.31 /oz $6.55
Steeping Instructions
Temperature 200-212 °F
Volume 1-2 tsp
Time 5-7 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.
Ingredients:  Rooibos tea, hibiscus, ginger, lemon peel, orange peel, blue corn flowers

Product Description

There is a certain physical feeling you get when you first fall in love; one of the rare moments when emotions are allowed to take physical control of our body. When you first lay eyes on that special someone your pupils expand so you can take in more of their light. Your brain releases its happy chemicals and your heart beat quickens its pace. There is a feeling of your stomach sinking before being filled with butterflies. There is tingling in your cheeks as your face becomes flush; a sun-kissed orange at first, followed by bright Valentine red as you dig down for the courage to talk to the object of your affection. You’re enveloped by a feeling of floating, like the Earth can’t contain you, as you start to sense a connection with this person you so desire.

Above all there is the pang in your chest that can still be best described as plucking on your heart strings: a sharp, almost painful feeling as happiness, anticipation and jubilation mix with nervousness and the inevitable fear that accompanies emotions so strong and new. If ever a taste could represent such a powerful experience, it is the flavor of Love Struck Rooibos. This is a bold claim, we know, but it is a claim we stand behind. Tart hibiscus and sharp ginger mix with lemon and orange pieces, all blended with sweet Rooibos tea. Love Struck Rooibos contains a surprising amount of “zing” and “punch” for a blend that contains absolutely no liquid flavoring and no artificial flavoring of any kind. Your first sip of Love Struck Rooibos gives you the same spark you felt at that first innocent touch of your new love. The initial spark is followed by a soothing sweetness, like the taste left on your lips after a first kiss.

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in tea bags.

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“Everyone at Coffee Bean Direct loves coffee, myself included. However, I seem to have an instinctual need to go against the grain. So instead of furthering the coffee love fest I am going to share with you the object of my affection: Rooibos tea. This sweet, delicious brew is not our most popular tea. In fact, it technically isn’t tea at all. ...”

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Overall rating
First time trying this Tea
By Cheusa - 4/22/2017
“Two favorites are Honeybush and Rooibos so decided to try out this Rooibos combo. A nice change and looking forward to warmer weather to try as iced tea. Am sure it will be a favorite here.”