Lemon Myrtle

Steeping Instructions
Temperature 200-212 °F
Volume 1-2 tsp
Time 5-7 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.

Product Description

It’s with good reason that lemon myrtle has been dubbed “Queen of the Lemon Herbs” throughout the culinary world. This herb’s divine right to rule is owed to citral, a naturally occurring compound responsible for the clean, citrusy smell of lemons. In fact, lemon myrtle has more citral than any other plant on earth, including lemon and lemongrass. Of course, our Lemon Myrtle Herbal Tea is no exception. Imbued with the flavor of sweet, fresh picked lemons, this infusion brews a pure, fresh cup of naturally decaffeinated tea. While this tea is great hot, we recommend you try it iced for maximum refreshment on the hottest days of the year.

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in individual tea bags.

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