Lavender Extra

Lavender Extra
$0.60 - 1.16 /oz $5.80
$0.60 - 1.16 /oz $5.80
Steeping Instructions
Temperature boiling
Volume 1-2 tsp
Time 5-7 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.

Product Description

Lavender is one of the most recognizable fragrances there is, best known for being calming and relaxing. It is used worldwide in many ways ranging from soap to beverages. When brewed as an herbal tea, lavender has a slightly sweet, floral taste. In the tea world lavender is best known as the “other” ingredient in Lady Earl Grey teas—such as CBD’s own Earl Grey Zephyr—balancing the bitter citrus bergamot with a soothing floral taste.

Enjoy lavender on its own or add it to your loose leaf tea before steeping.

Enhance your tea

Lavender = soothing floral taste

Try it with Earl Grey or Peony White.

Product Reviews (1)

Overall rating
Helps me sleep
By Tosin - 5/16/2017
“This is a pure high grade lavender tea. I take it at night to relax before bed time. I only put a little bit of stevia in it, but my mum mixes her in other tea blends. I tried putting wine in one of my brews of tasted delicious.”