Lady Earl White Tea

Lady Earl White Tea
$1.58 - 3.06 /oz $15.30
$1.58 - 3.06 /oz $15.30
Steeping Instructions
Temperature 180°F
Volume 1.5 tsp
Time 2-3 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.
Ingredients:  White tea, lavender, rose petals, oil of bergamot

Product Description

Tattle Tea is excited to present this flavored white tea. The mighty Earl Grey Tea gets a more gracious, feminine twist in this hand-crafted blend. This is not the story of Charles Grey’s wife Lady Grey, but perhaps a plucky younger sister you have never heard of before. Lady Earl White Tea features real Bergamot Oil on lush Peony White Tea with hints of lavender and pink rose petals. In perfect balance, the flavors allow the delicate white tea to come through while the subtle flavor of white tea allows you to truly taste every lovely note in this fine blend. Soft lavender adds a floral, slightly sweet accent, while rose petals add youth to the tea and brightness to the cup. Unlike its more virile fraternal counter-part, Lady Earl White is not as heavy on the Bergamot Oil – but do not fear, there is still more than enough flavor to satisfy even the most insatiable Earl Grey fans. Graceful and charming, yet tenacious and fierce, Lady Earl White is the perfect embodiment of our fictional sister of Charles Grey. She laughs at her brother and his old-fashioned tea. Sipping her cup with a wry smile, she wonders if any men are confident enough to try a tea called “Lady Earl White,” or will she only be sharing her new passion with her sisters?

Made with 100% real Italian bergamot oil

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in individual tea bags.

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Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
Elegant like a lady
By Tosin - 5/15/2017
“This tastes way milder than black earl grey, and doesn't have the medicine taste i find most white teas have. You can taste the slight undertones of the rose, and that's just super relaxing.

I feel fancy as hell drinking this tea ;)”
SO good!!!
By Cynthia - 5/12/2017
“This tea is amazingly good!!”
excellent white tea
By Anne - 5/4/2014
“Very much a white tea, light and delicious, with a note of bergamot. The lavender gives a hint of something else, not very noticeable in taste but giving depth. The rose is pretty much lost in all this goodness.
A must have for a lady.