Honeybear Chai Green Tea

Honeybear Chai Green Tea
$0.61 - 1.18 /oz $5.90
$0.61 - 1.18 /oz $5.90
Steeping Instructions
Temperature 165 °F
Volume 1 tsp
Time 1-2.5 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.
Ingredients:  Sencha green tea, cinnamon, clove, ginger, anise, fennel, coriander, artificial flavor

Product Description

Salted Caramel is the new trend in food and beverages. We’ve been experimenting a lot with it and surprised ourselves at what turned out to be our favorite combination.

Sencha green tea is flavored with sweet honey and salted caramel. We then add our signature spice blend of cinnamon, ginger, clove, coriander, fennel and anise. The result is one of the most delightful smelling and tasting teas we have ever had. Light and fun, this heavenly tea is sure to be one of your faves.

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in tea bags.

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“The holidays are over and the polar vortex is back. This time of year can be a total drag, which is why we all need Chai. A sweet, spicy cup of spiced chai is a delight. It soothes sore throats, warms frozen hands, and relieves seasonal affective blues. ...”

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Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
By Frank - 10/12/2016
“Wonderful aroma, and smooth. Just right for morning or evening. I am impressed!”
I must encourage ALL my friends to try HoneyBear Chai!
By Jett Black - 9/19/2014
“With the greatest pride of an avid chai tea lover...
I must encourage ALL my friends to try HoneyBear Chai!
Clearly the very best Chai tea I have ever tried! I usually mix green tea in with my chai, and I always use honey, so this choice was easily a no-brainer. I had NO IDEA just how wonderful this would smell and taste until it arrived. Open-the-bag, and BAMM! Without any doubt, I knew right away: THIS IS AWESOME!!