Fear Not 2 oz Starter Kit

Fear Not 2 oz Starter Kit
Price From: $30.99
Price From: $30.99

Product Description

We hear it all the time “I’m not fancy enough for tea,” “I’m not smart enough for tea,” or the worst: “I just don’t know where to begin with tea.”

The Fear Not Starter Kit is exactly where you should begin. We picked the best teas for any beginner. They’re safe, easy, and will give you a great representation of what each category of tea has to offer. The Starter Kit comes with the easiest tea infuser we can find and 10 tastes of tea. Each 2 oz. bag holds enough leaves to help you discover a new tea.

This sampler comes with the option to add our favorite infuser – the Hook Handle Infuser. It is perfect for new tea drinkers or tea experts alike.

The Fear Not Starter Kit includes:

Hook Handle Tea Infuser (optional) – We love this little guy. It is the absolute easiest way to steep a good cup of tea. The stainless steel infuser clips perfectly on almost any mug, allows the tea leaves to float freely as they steep, and cleanup is quick and easy.

Blueberry Lemon Cake Flavored Rooibos – This flavored herbal tea tastes like dessert in cup. We expect this to be your new favorite.

Ceylon Black Tea – Lighter than most black teas, this rich & flavorful infusion is bright, lively, and delightfully aromatic.

English Breakfast Black Tea Blend – This is the quintessential black tea. Made with a blend of Chinese and Indian teas, English Breakfast can be drunk plain or with milk and sugar. It is perfect for coffee drinkers who want to try something new.

Ginger Plum Oolong Tea – Oolong teas are exotic and maybe a little intimidating. This spiced, fruity tea will make you fall in love. It is sure to please both the tea novice and aficionado alike.

Indigo Mango Flavored Green Tea – Lush Sencha green tea is enhanced with real chunks of mango and pretty blue flowers. While Sencha can sometimes be too grassy for new tea drinkers, the mango really makes it sing on your pallet. This tea will help you learn what green teas are meant to taste like.

Peach Flavored Black Tea – Chinese black teas pair so well with fruit flavors. Made with real peach pieces, this is another tea you will love both hot and iced.

Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea – Green teas can often be grassy or bitter and turn away many new tea drinkers. Pinhead Gunpowder has a refreshing vegetal taste that is sure to please. It is wonderful hot or iced.

Rooibos Herbal Tea – You literally can’t ruin a cup of rooibos. This sweet African herbal tea will not get bitter if over steeped. It’s a nice safe bet for your first attempt at tea.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Flavored Green Tea – One of our oldest recipes is also the most flavorful. With hibiscus, rose petals, rose hips and a wonderful cherry vanilla flavor, this tea brews up an intense fruit-punch like cup.

Spiced Chai Black Tea – Ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, fennel and anise take this Chinese black tea to a whole new level.