Decaf OP Tea 4-Pack 2 oz Sampler

Decaf OP Tea 4-Pack 2 oz Sampler

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Product Description

We’ve created the perfect sampler pack for all those evenings when you want a cup of tea but don’t want to be up all night. Our Decaf Tea 4-Pack Sampler, containing 2 oz. bags of some of our most popular decaffeinated teas, is just what any evening tea drinker needs to relax without the insomnia… because sleep is goooood.

Need an infuser? Well, this sampler comes with the option to add our favorite one – the Hook Handle Infuser. Easy to use and compatible with any cup, it’s perfect for new tea drinkers and aficionados alike.

This limited edition Decaf Tea 4-Pack Sampler includes:

CO2 Decaf Apricot Black OP Tea Blend* – This fine decaffeinated black tea is lightly flavored with apricot and features real fruit pieces blended in for that extra kick of tangy apricot taste.

CO2 Decaf Black OP Tea* – This is a high quality black tea with none of that flat, chemical taste often associated with decaffeinated teas. With a medium body and a nice astringency, this tea will please your taste buds without that caffeine buzz.

CO2 Decaf Earl Grey Black OP Tea Blend* – Recognized as one of the most popular teas in the Empire, this splendid blend of premium, decaffeinated black tea is flavoured with 100% real oil of bergamot.

CO2 Decaf Orange and Spice Black OP Tea Blend* – We blended our fine black tea, bits of real orange, and an assortment of spices—including cinnamon and cloves—to create this distinct blend. Brewed hot or iced, the spicy orange flavor will enchant your senses.

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