CO2 Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea

CO2 Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea
$0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
$0.89 - 1.65 /oz $8.25
Steeping Instructions
Temperature 212 °F
Volume 1 tsp
Time 3-4 min
For the love of tea, do not oversteep.
Origin: China
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Ingredients:  CO2 Decaf Black tea, oil of bergamot

Product Description

Made with 100% real Italian bergamot oil...

A good cup of Earl Grey is very important! Even if you’re switching to decaf you should never have to sacrifice taste. This decaffeinated version of Lord Grey's famous tea is true to the origins of the blend and flavored with real bergamot oil for that distinct citrus flavor.

To make our CO2 Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea, we start with a decaf version of our regular flavor tea. Our Orange Pekoe black tea is decaffeinated specifically for Tattle Tea using the CO2 process. Developed in Germany as a natural alternative to the methylene chloride process, CO2 decaffeination allows the teas to retain more of the unique flavors of premium caffeinated teas. By using a specially decaffeinated version of our regular flavor tea, we hope to keep a consistent flavor profile between the regular and decaf version of our hand-blended teas.

This tea is sold loose leaf, meaning it will not arrive packed in tea bags. Our decaf teas contain fine pieces and some tea accessories may not be appropriate. Tattle Tea recommends using tea filters for this variety of tea.

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Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
Decaf Earl Decaf
By Hobey - 6/17/2017
“I have been brewing this product for several years. The cost is reasonable and Coffee Bean Direct has been outstanding with the product delivery”
Best tea I've had - including non-decaf
By Roger Hofer - 3/29/2017
“I have consumed about 10 pounds of this tea, and I just cannot get enough! It tastes amazing, a perfect blend of black and earl grey. With my latest 5-pound purchase, I noted that the grind size went way up, as shown in the picture, yielding an even more refined flavor (at the minor expense of slightly longer brew times). Nothing that I have tried compares to this tea, and the fact it is decaf yet has a perfect taste is even more amazing!”
Earl Gray Tea
By Don - 12/11/2014
“My favorite tea, had some before this, I thought it was good tea, has no comparison to this
tea. I like it because it is decaf, drink it at nite when I am surfing the Net for good deals.
This is a good deal. Oh my cup is empty have to go. You will not believe the smell of
this most excellent tea. ”